We have a very reliable team which comprise of a strong media team, language experts, state volunteers and representatives as well as a strong support from reliable private and government organization. The media team assist in getting forehand information and reliable news to the public on the situation report about COVID-19, the nations fight against the deadly pandemic, the preventive measures and government efforts towards keeping the nations economy and peace in check.

The language experts would play the role of translating news materials prepared into Nigerian indigenous languages for the benefit of every member of the society. This would bridge the gap between the various languages and tribes across Nigeria. The state volunteers, who have always played a vital role in reaching out the 774 local governments would help maintain the role connection to the people at all levels.


The mission of the Covid-19 Mac is to bring Nigeria to the trending knowledge of the virus and its evolution in terms of the nature, increased cases, physical, social and economic harm it can cause and the preventive ways to avoid further spread.


We aim to use our strong media presence across the Nation as a tool in the dissemination of vital information concerning the COVID-19 virus and the mayhem that could accompany it by sensitizing the general public in its fight against it.


NAN- News Agency of Nigeria, Presidential Task Force, NTA, FRCN, NBC, NOA, Ministry of Information, BON, Association of Independent Broadcasters of Nigeria, Radio Nigeria, Social Media Influencers, Ministry of Environment and a Strong and Reliable Media Team.


Creation/production of messages (Content) on COVID-19 for syndication to media stakeholders/partners for dissemination in various indigenous languages and to check the spread of fake news by regularly clarifying misrepresentations and wrong information